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From  March 1 to  April 28th  2023


Drop-off and

Virtual (zoom) sessions

by appointment only

How to  book an appointment?

Visit or

Call 613-745-0073 ext 150


This service is ONLY offered to residents with a KlK and some KlM & KlG postal codes.

Only the statement of the current year (2022) will be processed.

Only one (1) declaration per person will be completed, except for couples.

We do not complete returns for self-employed, deceased individuals and bankruptcy

Total family income must be under the amounts shown below.


What to bring?

  • Your Personal Photo ID

  • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN)

  • Your Children's/Your Dependent's SIN and date of birth

  • 2021 Notice of Assessment

  • T4, T4A, T4A (OAS), T4E, T4A (P), TS, T5007 Slips

  • Receipts for Rent, Donations, Property Tax, Tuition, Medical Expenses, RRSP where Applicable

  • Receipts for Monthly Bus Pass for Seniors Only

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