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We act in a way that respects our commitments to our co-workers and the people we serve.



We treat the people we serve with respect, and we provide them with accessible, courteous and diligent services.

We are receptive to the needs of the people we serve.

Our Values


We work together and with the people we serve.


We are open-minded and sincere, and we are not judgmental.


Our mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a range of social supports and services that enable the empowerment of residents, community resilience, and the inclusion of all.

Our vision is for a safe, dignified and fulfilling life for all Rideau-Rockcliffe residents.


Our Service Area

We are located in the city's east end, and cover the neighbourhoods of New Edinburgh,  Manor Park,  Rockcliffe Park,  CFB Rockcliffe,  Overbrook, Lindenlea, Viscount Alexander Park, Quarries, Cardinal Glen, Rockcliffe Mews, Forbes, Castle Heights and part of Carson Grove.

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